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"I hate getting my photo taken". Sound familiar? Almost every headshot you see on this site started with some variation of the words "I don't look good in photos".  It's not your job to look good in photos, it's my job to make you look good. The big problem we have when somebody is taking our photo, is that the person taking the photo doesn't always care whether you look good or not.  The person behind the camera has to care as much as you do that you look great. They have to care by taking their time, by finding angles, by creating custom lighting just for you. They have to care that having a great headshot enhances your personal brand, it gives you better job prospects, better social prospects.  There's no such thing as being photogenic. It's all about having a headshot photographer who cares enough to show you what to do in front of the camera. I can get you there.

Scottsdale Headshots

"Taking headshots with Tony is a 5 star experience.

He is very professional and made me feel confident taking the photos. Tony's years of experience showed during our session, i'd recommend him to anyone".

- Robert Roher


"Working with Tony was such a fun experience! He really captured my personality. I love my new headshots. He brings the New York style headshot to Scottsdale"

- Rielle Oase

Scottsdale Headshots

"Not only did Tony make me feel comfortable; but my photographs look amazing! I was nervous going in for headshots, but I came out feeling beautiful, and so happy with the finished product. I'll be coming back for any future headshots that I need!".

- Keira Poulson



Do you have a lazy headshot? 

How hard does your headshot work for you?  Has it got its feet up on your sofa watching TV day and night, taking naps while you work your tail off to take your next career leap? Is it still living in the 90s? Or looking all disheveled?  That's a lazy headshot! Okay, you get the joke, but did you know your headshot is supposed to work for you? Seriously, it should be working its ass off for you. Ask yourself this; Is your headshot as ambitious and professional as you are?  Or is it misrepresenting your level of professionalism and making you look like you shouldn't be taken seriously?

Whenever somebody clicks on your website or social media profile, your headshot should appear, looking professional, genuine, modern, bright eyed and bushy tailed, representing you over and over, to viewer after viewer, as a good person, and a confidentindispensable asset to any project or workforce.  Type your name into Google or LinkedIn, see what everybody else sees, is that image putting the hard yards in for you and your career? 

Feel free to give me a call or email, come down to the Scottsdale Headshot Studio, and let's talk about putting your headshot to work for you.  

You can click #nomorelazyheadshots or type the hashtag into Instagram to see more of my headshots that are out there putting the hard work in for people.

Scottsdale Headshot Specialist Tony Taafe appearing on FOX 10 to talk about what makes a great headshot.

Scottsdale Headshot Specialist Tony Taafe appearing on FOX 10 to talk about what makes a great headshot.

Scottsdale headshot specialist

Scottsdale's Premier Headshot Photographer.   I shoot in my studio located in Old Town Scottsdale, or at your location; office, or workplace. Click on the image above if you have a spare few minutes, to watch me talk about headshots on FOX 10 Weekend Breakfast Show.

I feel very lucky that my headshots have taken me to places such as New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, by businesses who appreciate the care and effort I put into making their executives and employees look like they belong to a highly professional brand. Along the way i’ve photographed high level executives from Disney, Sony, Expedia, Hilton, Capital One, and more. I don’t shoot weddings, events, etc. that’s not what i’m good at. I’m a headshot specialist. I provide you, whether you’re an individual or part of an organization, the very best headshot, to help position you and give you an advantage to propel your career and your brand forward.

Have you ever been disappointed with how you look in a photograph? Even a professional one?  I know I have, that's completely normal. One of the most helpful things I ever did as a photographer was to get in front of the camera to get my photograph taken, because "you have to know how people feel in there".  I used to hate getting my picture taken too, but now I know what to do when i’m in there, it doesn’t feel like a trip to the dentist anymore! It can be tough being in front of the camera, I get that, and I can help you through that and come out the other side with some great shots. 


Corporate headshots

An Executive Headshot vs a Snapshot

Which one do you have?  As the growth of online communication and services like websites and social media increase, your headshots are only going to become more important. Professional Headshots are now integral in building and maintaining a professional reputation. The Phoenix area is booming for business. Business headshots in Phoenix is one of the busiest markets in the country, businesses and employees are stepping up their headshot game to keep the competition at bay.

I don't follow the "any shot will do" attitude. There's a sea of average headshots on LinkedIn, acquired back when a headshot was just so people knew what you looked like. But that's changing. People are realizing that today, a great headshot is essential in building and maintaining a professional reputation. People will search for you online, it's my job to make sure what they see when they search for you is a person whose headshot represents them in the very best way. Confident, approachable, professional, forward thinking, the list goes on.

actors headshots

Casting directors will look at headshot after headshot after headshot. They're only human, and eventually, one similar headshot will blend in to the next. Your headshot needs to be aimed at making you stand out from the crowd. The lighting, the pose, the angles, all these things help you to stand out from the crowd; but our one tool that nobody else can replicate? YOU! Your personality and expressions have to come through in your headshots. That wide eyed blank stare that everybody thinks makes them look cool, is boring. Your actor's headshot needs to do more than show what you look like. It needs to show that you have personality. It definitely must show that you have confidence in front of the camera. It's not always quick, and it takes a little teamwork, but I know how to get you there during our shoot. Take a look at photographs of famous actors and actresses on the red carpet. See how cool they look? That's no accident, they've had coaching on their facial expressions which maximizes their look-ability. I can help to get you there too.  Having worked in LA for so long, I was blown away by the demand for actors headshots in Phoenix, and also blown away by the quality of acting here. There's some real acting talent in Phoenix. 

I also work with casting directors and I know exactly what they look for in a headshot...


"Thank you, Tony for my amazing headshots. I love them, I feel ready for whatever life brings me!".

- Justin Haag

Scottsdale Headshots

"From start to finish, Tony was professional, reliable in his communication, and delivered on his expertise in getting not only the shots I wanted, but also shots I didn't know I would love.

When you leave a shoot figuring out a way to go back, you know you've found a gem".

- Heidi Kaplan


"Shooting with Tony was a lot of fun. He's a great guy and knows how to get it done!".

- Wayne Lundy



Scottsdale Headshots

My Headshot Studio is in Old Town Scottsdale. Next to AZ88, and the Scottsdale Historical Museum. It's an amazing location to come to work every day. If you know the area, you'll know why I say that. It's also convenient for Phoenix, as the studio is around 9 miles from downtown. As well as Scottsdale, demand for great headshots in Phoenix is huge. 

I moved here to Arizona at the end of 2016, after spending 7 years in Los Angeles, and Scottsdale is a beautiful place.

I now split my time between Scottsdale and the Los Angeles studio, and I take bookings a couple of times a year when I'm home in Liverpool, UK (where I was born).

Scottsdale is definitely now home base, and Scottsdale loves a great headshot! I'm really passionate about the quality of my work, and i've found that my clients here in Scottsdale and Phoenix really appreciate that. They're hard workers, forward thinking, and they recognize the importance of a quality product. Certainly, they want their headshot to represent the hard graft and time that they put in to their own careers. 

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oN location headshots

I do shoot on location too. Many businesses around Phoenix and Scottsdale find it more convenient for them if I come to their location to shoot office based headshots, rather than bringing their employees over to my studio. I also have clients who require me to fly out of state to their locations around the US, so office based headshots is something I fit into my schedule three or four times a month. I really enjoy providing businesses large and small with their vision when it comes to presenting their employees in a professional manner, and as part of their brand.  Contact me for more information about me coming out to your location.